Author: Brad

Kitchen Islands are So Much More Than a Platform

  An eye-catching kitchen island can be the focal point of your kitchen. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it is one of the most versatile and functional installations in a kitchen. Placed bang in the middle, these multipurpose modular structures that allow you to do multiple jobs at one place without having to move around […]

Sinks That Sync In

  Most kitchen renovation projects pay little attention to the humble kitchen sink. The attention is primarily on the latest gadgets, colours and arrangements that make it a joy to work in the kitchen. However, after the oven, the sink is probably the most important installation in a kitchen. The right kitchen sink can make […]

Lighten up the Bathroom

Your bathroom is your private haven where you unwind after a long day, pamper yourself or simply freshen up. However, when it comes to lighting, the bathroom is probably the most neglected space. Most people are content with having adequate lighting and have no idea how the best lighting fixtures can transform an ordinary bathroom […]