Colour Up Your Living Space

February 23, 2019

The living room is the space that unites your entire family. This is where you watch TV, play with the kids or chat with family members. It is also the room where you entertain the most.

Picking the right colour for your living room is therefore crucial as it reflects your personality, allows you to relax or create the right impression. The colour your pick must blend in seamlessly or create a stunning contrast with your living room décor.

Here’s a guide to choosing the right colours for your living room.


When you want a bit of the outdoors in your living room, nothing works like green. Different shades of green can create a look of harmony, subdued elegance or freshness.

Sage green is a shade that infuses green with grey creating a look of muted sophistication. It is a gorgeous shade that blends in perfectly with traditional furniture and furnishings.

Mint green is another shade for your living room when you don’t have space for indoor plants. It’s a lighter tone of natural mint and brings with it a hint of fresh foliage.

Grass green is a striking shade if you are looking to experiment. It exudes all the vibrancy of spring and summer at its height with its bright tones that are sure to make any living room look dazzling and airy.


Blue is an all-time favourite and a safe colour for your living room. It is a vibrant colour that adds a cozy feeling. Blue is available in different popular shades that are particularly suitable for living rooms.

Navy blue and peacock blue are highly evocative shades and create a dark and elegant atmosphere. These are suitable for large rooms and create the perfect mood for a living room both during the day and evenings.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can opt for powder blue or soft blue. These shades are more suitable for smaller living rooms as the light shades make any room look large and spacious.


Grey is another popular choice when it comes to living room walls. Serene and elegant, the colour grey complements both modern décor and traditional ensembles.

It is a neutral colour that can be left on its own for simplicity. Or you can add furnishings in bright contrasting colours to create a striking effect.


An all-time safe colour, beige suits any living room irrespective of its size, design or décor. It is a very dependable shade that evokes simplicity and a calming effect.

With beige, you can create either a minimalist look in your living room or add colours to create a vivid and intense décor. Being a neutral shade, it accentuates your furnishings and artefacts perfectly.


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