For a full renovation of a medium size bathroom prices start from around $15k excluding fittings, tiles and vanity. Adding extra elements and tasks such as layout changes, wall removal, installation of cavity sliding door, in-wall toilet cisterns and mirrored cabinets, shower and bath niches, herringbone feature tiling and/or custom vanity adds additional cost.

Design and advise on fittings and fixtures and tile choice, start to finish project management, protection of floors and dust minimisation, demolition and rubbish removal, building materials, plumbing and electrical service rough-in and fit-off, carpentry, plastering, supply and install of level-entry shower base, a fully installed Ardex waterproofing system, tiling by a qualified and Bloq trained professional tiler, fit-off of vanity, toilet, fittings and fixtures, clean-up and handover and compliance certificates.

Typically it’s around 2-3 weeks until the shower screen has been installed and the shower can be used. The toilet and vanity may be usable before this.

  • Week 1 – site preparation, demolition, carpentry, plumbing and electrics rough-in, plastering and waterproofing
  • Week 2 – tiling and grouting, caulking with silicone at tile edges
  • Week 3 – fit-off vanity, toilet, bath, mixers/taps, fittings – towel rail, hooks, toilet roll holder, shower screen, clean-up

We have recommended and reputable suppliers that have well priced and good quality products with good stock availability.

Ideally we would like everything present on-site before commencement so that we can start to piece all the components together and prepare for them without delay. However sometimes that’s not always possible so it’s essential we have mixers and taps and bath (if required) and know the choice and size of vanity, toilet and fittings – eg heated towel rail. Tiling doesn’t start until the 2nd week so they can arrive just before commencement just as long as we know what tile choices have been made.

We protect floors prior to commencement and cover anything within the immediate area to prevent dust. We will clean-up on a regular basis to remove demolition materials. If there are no other bathroom/toilet within the building we can arrange for a portable bathroom/toilet for you. We recommend that you remove items of sentimental or monetary value in the path and areas of work as a precaution.

We like to commence around 7.30-8am and finish by 4.30-5pm during weekdays

According to the building regulations the whole of floor and walls around wet areas require waterproofing.

Inspiration and design – on-site visit and measure-up, configuration and layout concept, finalisation of budget, designer to finalise design, drawings and 3D images ready for sign-off, custom cabinetry construction, pre-demolition preparation, demolition, services rough-in, plastering, floor preparation, cabinetry delivery and install, bench top template then install, fit-off appliance – sink, mixers/taps, dishwasher, stove, range-hood, refrigerator, clean-up and handover

You will typically be without a sink for up to a couple of weeks. We suggest that you try and set up a something in another location eg laundry to accommodate your needs. Microwave ovens are usefull as an interim as an oven repalcme nt. Ask us and we will do whatever we can to offer alternatives and minimise the inconvenience to you.

Typically prices start around $25k for a full renovation excluding fittings, fixtures and appliances

Typically 3 – 4 weeks from start to finish.

  • Week 1 – site preparation, demolition, carpentry, plumbing and electrics rough-in, plastering, floor repairs
  • Week 2 – cabinetry installation and bench top template made
  • Week 3 – installation of benchtops, appliance fit-off, sinks, mixers/taps, plumbing and electrical completion, clean-up and handover

Additional time may be required for wall removal, ceiling/wall/floor works, solid-brick homes or where clear access is restricted – ie units/apartments

We recommend that you look at a reputable company which is registered for building works – with a minimum class required Domestic Builder Limited (bathroom/kitchen/laundry). Do a search on the Victorian Building Authority website – consumer portal to confirm (https://consumer.etoolbox.buildingcommission.com.au/Pages/Search.aspx). Ask what experience they have and see examples, ask for previous customer recommendations, ask to see insurance certificates and registration ID. If any company is proposing doing building works over $5000 and wants you to become an owner builder or for you to handle certain aspects of the renovation like demolition, tiling or electrical/plumbing works be wary as in effect you are becoming the ‘builder’ and managing the renovation with the associated responsibilities and obligations going to you and with unclear responsibilities if things go wrong.

We are often asked to do whole home renovations where walls are removed, layouts reconfigured and new kitchen, bathroom, ensuite, laundry, doors and windows and outdoor spaces are created. It’s a great way to get all the works done in the shortest and most cost effective way. It will save money compared with doing the same renovation tasks over a longer period and usually ends up a better result because all the tough and messy works can be done with a full renovation without compromise.

For a new bathroom, ensuite, laundry and kitchen with painting and floor works can start from around $60K excluding cost of appliances, fittings, fixtures, flooring, tiles

Sometimes it may be necessary to extent to add space but in our experience there’s a lot that can be achieved by careful design, layout changes and renovation of existing spaces. Mark Twain wrote “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. What he was saying was that people often problem solve within their narrow skillset and experience. So don’t be surprised if a building company that specialises in extensions suggests that the only solution is an expensive extension. Call us before you commit and we will discuss other options if we think they’ll work within your existing building envelope. Extensions are a big commitment of time and money (and emotions). They often end up over time, over budget and not as originally envisioned (and as a result, with a very poor relationship with the building company and sometimes your wife/husband/partner !!!!!)

Full home renovations where we renovate bathrooms, ensuite, floors, tiling and kitchens typically take 2-3 months depending upon scope of works.

For a full home renovation we will be recommending to you that you move out for the duration of works. The money that you save on rent for 2-3 months will be offset by the additional cost and delays associated with making sure that the home is habitable after each day of works. There’s often the unavoidable dust and inconvenience of toilet, kitchen, laundry being unavailable.

For a laundry reno how long will I be without a washing machine? We normally take about 2 weeks for a full laundry renovation. However in the meantime we can try and temporarily setup a washing machine for you if required. Just ask – we can accommodate most things to reduce or eliminate inconvenience!

Our quotes are fixed price. There may be changes to the price and completion time as a result of variation by you. We do lots of renovations and anticipate what typically is encountered so normally absorb minor changes to scope without extra charge. If for example we remove a floor and find rot underneath there may be a variation by us if the works are substantial.

Our staff and trades have been with us for many years and have worked on lots of successful projects. We pride ourselves on their skills and experience and they are integral to getting your dream renovation. We make sure that we respect your home, we are polite and courteous and communicate at all times. We are also available out-of-hours in case of emergency for the duration of your project.

Yes we can do all works associated with the renovation. We like to leave these tasks to the very end of the project. Other services in our home renovation service include but are not limited to:

  • We measure up and install windows, doors and bi-folds
  • We supply and install shower screens and shower panels
  • We upgrade electrics and plumbing
  • Install heating and cooling
  • We supply and install custom vanities, laundry cupboards, doors and benches
  • Floor tiling

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