Kitchen Islands are So Much More Than a Platform

February 22, 2019

Kitchen Islands are So Much More Than a Platform

An eye-catching kitchen island can be the focal point of your kitchen. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it is one of the most versatile and functional installations in a kitchen. Placed bang in the middle, these multipurpose modular structures that allow you to do multiple jobs at one place without having to move around the kitchen.

When you want to save money and ease your workload, a kitchen island offers the perfect solution.

You would want to extract the maximum benefit from your kitchen island. To do so, there are a few things to keep in mind before you install one.

The Dimension and Design

The island should be large enough to provide space for all your needs. At the same time, it must be proportionate to the size of your kitchen. If you have a large family and a large kitchen, you have enough options to choose an island that offers maximum flexibility and functionality.

However, for smaller kitchens, a roll-in island or a smaller worktable will look better as compared to a large one.
Kitchen islands these days are available in multiple materials, designs and patterns. Choose one that gels in with the existing décor of your kitchen. This will help create a cohesive look all around.

Walkway Clearances

Since kitchen islands are installed right in the middle of your kitchen, ensure that there is enough space all around for easy flow of traffic through the kitchen. There should be a minimum of 4ft open space all around the island for easy movement and access to other equipment and accessories such as the refrigerator or storage cabinets.

The Height

The height of the kitchen island depends on how you plan to use it. The standard height for kitchen islands is 36 inches, which offers maximum flexibility for multiple activities. However, if you knead dough and roll the pin often, a 30-inch island will be better suited. The lower height allows you to apply more downward pressure.

If you plan to use your kitchen island for dining, pick chairs of the right height. For the best eating experience, be sure to keep a gap of at least 12-inches between the seat and the island’s surface.

The Models

Kitchen sinks are available in a variety of models and designs so you can choose one that suits your requirements and taste.

Working-type islands are more like traditional worktops with drawers and open shelves.
Storage type islands have cabinets installed underneath the countertop.

Islands that allow for wash and prep have sinks installed at one end while the rest of the space is kept free for preparing your food.

Some islands allow you to wash, cook and prep, all at the same time. These islands feature the sink in one corner, the stove on the other end while the prep area is found in the middle.

If you plan to cook and dine on your kitchen island, opt for one with a raised countertop for dining. This leaves enough space between the cooking area and the dining area to shield you from open flame or steam and fumes.


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