Sinks That Sync In
February 22, 2019

Sinks That Sync In

Most kitchen renovation projects pay little attention to the humble kitchen sink. The attention is primarily on the latest gadgets, colours and arrangements that make it a joy to work in the kitchen. However, after the oven, the sink is probably the most important installation in a kitchen. The right kitchen sink can make all that washing, scrubbing and rinsing easier for you.

So if you are planning a kitchen renovation, give a thought to the kitchen sink. Choose a sink one that syncs in perfectly with your kitchen décor and your daily workload.

The Material

With the improvement in technology, the kitchen sink has really moved on from the bulky stone basins of yesteryears. Today’s modern kitchen sinks are available in different materials and designs to suit your personal need, preference and lifestyle.

Sinks Made of Stainless Steel

– Stainless steel sinks are one of the most popular options. The material is tough, durable and thick enough to withstand heavy use on a regular basis. These sinks contain a percentage of nickel and chromium, which makes them tough and imparts a rich shine. This also makes stainless-steel sink resistant to corrosion and staining. They are easier to clean too.

Sinks Made of Cast-iron

– Cast iron is another durable material that is preferred for kitchen sinks. They have an enamel layer fired on core iron material. They are less noisy than most other materials and vibrate less under heavy impact. Moreover, cast-iron sinks come in various colours and are perfect for creating a cohesive theme in your kitchen.

Sinks made of Composite Materials

–These sinks can be made of granite or quartz with a polyester or acrylic base. They have a lovely speckled look and are resistant to scratches and stains.

Vitreous China

– Made from glazed clay, these sinks have a lovely glass-like shine and are quite durable. They are less porous and perfect for moulding double-bowl sinks.

The Style

Kitchen sinks come in a multitude of configurations and designs. However, before buying one, keep in mind the ease of installation in your kitchen in sync with your kitchen layout and limitations.

Under-mount Sinks

– These sinks are set underneath the kitchen countertop and provide a seamless transition from the countertop to the sink. However, do ensure that the edge of the countertop is made of waterproof material.

Drop-in Sinks

– These sinks are installed into a gap created on the countertop and the edges of the sink rest on it. They are quite affordable and easy to replace. However, drop-in sinks lack the elegance of seamless under-mount sinks.

Farmhouse Sinks

– These sinks have become the latest focal point of modern kitchens because of their classic looks, modern designs, deep bowl and rustic texture. With deep and wide dimensions, these sinks are just perfect for large families.

Double-bowl Sinks

– Apart from designs and materials, functionality is a factor too and double-bowl sinks score high on this. With a double-bowl sink, you can pile the dirty dishes in one while you wash your veggies in the other. However, you will need a really large kitchen to install deep double-bowl sinks that can accommodate all your large pots and pans.


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