Utility Room & Laundry Space

February 23, 2019

Right from housing all your white goods to providing storage for those muddy boots, pet beds and sports kits, utility rooms serve a multitude of purposes. This makes utility room a bare necessity for any household. Being a room to accommodate all the noisy, dirty and messy stuff, it becomes particularly important with children and/or pets around.

Well-planned utility rooms also accommodate your laundry necessities. These include tumble dryers, washing machine, cleaning cupboards and some added space for the other nitty gritties. When it comes to designing your utility room, here are a few critical aspects you should consider. Let us look into it one by one.

1. Choosing the Ideal location for Your Utility
Utility room can be very noisy. So, keeping it away from your dining and other relaxing places makes more sense. If you cannot avoid this, then opting some noise-reducing appliances should work. Typically, basements and cellars make a great place for your utility. Furthermore, if possible, you can also consider having back doors to enter your utility area.

2. Design Essentials for Your Utility Space
Begin by ensuring cold and hot water supplies as well as waste elimination facilities for your washing machine and sink. Next comes checking the best possible venting out options like moisture-reducing extractors or windows to exterior for vented tumble dryers. Then check how much space is needed for proper functioning of the room. Finally, you can choose the type of ventilation to introduce natural light into this room.

3. Things to Include In Your Utility Designing
Do not forget to include the following while designing your utility area:

  • Deep and sturdy sinks to wash pots, pet bowls, muddy boots, etc.
  • Practical flooring options like engineered timber flooring, vinyl and rubber flooring options, which are easy to clean and mop
  • Low maintenance worktops that withstand spills
  • Lockable cupboards to store chemical cleaners away from pets and kids
  • Plenty storage options with numerous shelves and units to store all sorts of items
  • Some extra space for pulley-style dryers
  • Dedicated areas to accommodate pet bowls and pet beds

Considering all these aspects will pretty much cover all your utility room design essentials.

4. Bootroom and Laundry Areas
If you have loads and loads of shoes, coats and boots, then having a dedicated bootroom can be a great idea. Next, if you plan to include your laundry in your utility room, then try keeping it on the same floor, rather than shifting it to the basement or the cellar. This makes it easier for you to wash, dry and store clothes with great ease.

>Wrapping UpUtility room is a very important part of your home. It could be the space where you store all your practical equipment and do all the boring chores, but, when designed well, it can become a game changer. From great storage options to scullery chic schemes and space-saving designs, you can design the one that perfectly fits your needs, only when you understand your requirements well.


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