Cozy Summer Outdoor Ideas

February 23, 2019

Summer is here and now is the time to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s your garden or the backyard, you can create cozy nooks and corners to spend quality time with the family, host a party or just relax all by yourself and enjoy the view.

Designed the right way, your outdoor space can add some additional living space to your property while improving its value.

Define Your Outdoor Spaces Clearly

Before you get all excited, it is crucial to have a proper plan. Without a proper plan and precise measurements, your outdoor space can become a cluttered eyesore or turn out to be too small to serve its purpose.

Be very sure where you want the outdoor lounge, the dining area with enough space for barbeque and the sections that will be left open for kids to play around.

Use tall plants or fencing shrubs to demarcate each area while retaining the natural, outdoor look. Clusters of chairs around a table can easily define the lounge or the dining area.

Use the Right Furniture

Your outdoor furniture will remain exposed to the elements throughout the year. So be sure to invest in high quality furniture for your outdoor space. Opt for furniture in plastic, iron or wood in shades that blend in perfectly with the look you want to create.

Make your outdoor space more comfortable by adding cushions to your porch benches, chairs and other outdoor seating arrangements. However, choose a fabric that’s durable and dries out quickly.

Install a Pergola

Installing a pergola is a wonderful and cost-effective way of adding a cozy nook in your outdoor spaces. If you can’t afford a real outdoor room in wood and glass, a pergola is your next best option.

Pergolas just have pillars connected at the top to create a roof over your head. The ‘roof’ can be further decorated with hanging plants, slats or decorative wiring. Pergolas can be free-standing or attached to the exterior of your house.

Install a Fire Pit

A fire pit really creates a very warm and cozy ambience in your outdoor spaces. It is the perfect place to gather around with family and friends for an evening of fun. A fire pit also adds some pizzazz to your outdoor space.

You can either install a permanent fire pit as part of your landscape design or buy a portable one. Fire pits that are built into the landscape can be easily connected to your gas line for an instant flame.

Gathering around a fire pit with great people and good food is the ultimate way to spend your evenings outdoors in complete comfort and style.


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