Which Layout Would Suit Your Kitchen

February 23, 2019

Wondering which layout can be the best for your kitchen? Well, this is one question that often gets the better of every homeowner. Keeping up with the latest kitchen trends is essential to pick the right layout for your kitchen area to make the most out of it. Whether you are working on your existing kitchen layout or you are ripping it out to start it all over again, your kitchen design should always have a layout that works the best for you.

Even before you freeze on a specific kitchen design or layout, it is important for you to understand how exactly you use your kitchen. Knowing this clearly, will make the rest of the things easier. Whether you are a highly enthusiastic cook or just a ‘cook-to-serve-the-purpose’ cook, the best way would be to start by shortlisting the elements needed for doing the most basic kitchen tasks.

These include sink, cooker and refrigeration. It is around these essential features that your entire concept of ‘Kitchen Working Triangle’ is formed. The idea here is, these three elements should be within your immediate reach.

Choosing Your kitchen Layout

Moving on to the layout, the style, color scheme and materials can all be picked based on the your needs. Coming back to the kitchen layout, you can choose this by considering the shape of your kitchen and your family’s priorities. Here are some options for you to ponder.

1. Parallel Kitchen Layout
Designed to save space, this kitchen layout comes with units on either sides of your space. This simply means that you can easily maximize your storage and space across long narrow rooms.

2. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout
This layout is great for spacious kitchens and helps you to strike a perfect balance between your ‘work triangle’ and your storage space. U-shaped kitchen also minimizes the traffic through your kitchen area, making food preparation much easier.

3. Straight-Line Kitchen Layout
Ideal for smaller kitchens and flats, this layout requires very little floor space. Besides, you can also add tables and mobile seatings at the end of it, when required.

4. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout
Do you have a corner kitchen? Then L-shaped kitchen layout is just for you. It helps you to make the most out of your small corner space by providing an open plan layout. Great for social kitchens, you can also add breakfast bars and tables to it if needed.

Matching Furnishings for Your Layout
Once you freeze on a layout, you can next move on to the kind of furnishings and cabinets that work for you.

1. Floor to Ceiling Units
This is a great way to make the most out of your wall and still make your space feel more enclosed. The option is ideal for kitchens where you cannot have worktops.

2. Wall Units
Put all your frequently used items at easy reach with wall units. By choosing solid doors for these cabinets, you can easily hide all those unattractive packages away. But you can still go ahead and add some glass doors to reduce the look from being more obstructive.

3. Base Units
Best suited for heavier items, base units can be used to easily hide away those white goods and appliances. Also, it provides a structure for you to place your worktops.

Summing Up

When it comes to choosing the right layout for your kitchen, it is essential for you to figure out what is it that exactly you need and what makes your work easier. Once you figure this out, the rest falls in place quickly!


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